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Знайомтеся, це – сестра Белли і Джіджі Хадід, і вона також підкорює світ моди!

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18-річна двоюрідна сестра Белли і Джіджі Хадід на ім'я Джоанн ван ден Херіка живе в Нідерландах і готова посунути знаменитих plus-size моделей!

Усі знають сестер Хадід, але не всі – їхню кузину Джоан, дочку брата Іоланди Хадід. Дівчина днями підписала контракт з лондонським модельним агентством 12+ UK Model Management, що працює з моделями plus-size.

Це цікаво: Белла Хадід показала чуттєву зйомку для відомого глянцю

Джоан дуже близька зі своєю сестрою Белою, але на багатьох знімках неймовірно схожа на Джіджі.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM HOLLAND! You're turning 21 now, I feel like your little baby cousin lol! I'm sad I can't be there on your birthday, so I'll just make you happy this way. Bels, you're one of the best people in the world. You're spreading your light and happiness around everyone you meet and I'm so proud that I get to call a hardworking, kind, loving, beautiful person like you my cousin!! Everything you do inspires me, not just because you are working your ass off but also because with every step you take you try to help other people and better the world. I wish we could see each other more often, but I know that we are connected by love & family and that's what matters most. MAKE IT THE BEST DAY EVER !!! I love you, thank you for being you!! @bellahadid

Допис, поширений JoJo (@joannvdherik)

I got you #FamilyFirst

Допис, поширений JoJo (@joannvdherik)

Out & about with my auntie @yolanda.hadid #Amsterdam #RembrandtPlein

Допис, поширений JoJo (@joannvdherik)

У своєму Instagram дівчина чесно розповідає про невпевненість в собі і показує фотографії, що здаються їй невдалими.

Embrace your curves by @lexdekam

Допис, поширений JoJo (@joannvdherik)

CELEBRATE THOSE FATROLLS! I know it's hard to look in the mirror and love the curvier parts of your body, but if you think about, it's just crazy. Who decided that curves aren't beautiful? Who decided you can't loveeeee your stretchmarks, fatrolls and big legs? SO I'LL MAKE MY OWN DECISION!!! I'm gonna try and compliment myself on each part of my body ever day, you all should try it. Fatrolls? More like protecting skin. Big ass? More like shaking booty Too much fat on your legs? More like a mermaidtail! Stretchmarks? TIGERSTRIPES!!! When you feel good, healthy and happy, why does it matter what other people think or look like? The only person who can make you love your body is YOU. So try and see things positive instead of negative, it makes a big difference already. A person is most beautiful when they fully accept and love themselves #LoveYourBody #EmbraceYourCurves #MyJourney by @rachelkeijzerphotography

Допис, поширений JoJo (@joannvdherik)

Ugh I haven't been feeling well today, my throat hurts so much :( It's so typical every time the weather switches I get sick, and it's already getting cold here in The Netherlands. That means SWEATER WEATHER! When I was younger I always was so happy when it became winter so I could hide my body ‍♀️ I hated the summer, I'd have to wear shorts otherwise I'd sweat to death???? I thought my legs were so fat! I was so afraid what people'd think of me. I was always like "omg they're probably look at my fat legs" or "omg they're probably laughing at me because my hips are big". So stupid, because you should wear whatever you feel good in and don't care about other people's opinion. It just makes me sad that people judge each other on things they wear, if someone wants to wear shorts skirts and tops, let them be. If someone wants to wear the biggest sweater ever, let them be. If someone wants to wear something YOU THINK is hideous, let them be. Let people feel confident in their outfit. They're wearing it for a reason. So if you have a fatrolls and you want to wear a croptop just DO IT! Today, I'm posting a photo in my underwear because I too have fat and I don't care because I LOVE MY BODY! #LoveYourBody #EmbraceYourCurves #DontJudge by @rachelkeijzerphotography

Допис, поширений JoJo (@joannvdherik)

I was afraid to post this picture and that's why I did post it. I could've cropped it so you wouldn't see any fat, but I didn't. I wanted to show you guys that I'm imperfect too. I have fatrolls, I have stretch marks. It's so easy to look in the mirror and feel disgusted by the things you don't like, but I don't want to do that anymore. I don't wanna hide my "ugly" side, I want to show it more often, because I've accepted it. I love my body. Guys and girls, it doesn't matter if you don't have a sixpack, or a size zero. You're just as beautiful as everyone. Don't try to compare or compete with others, your body is a temple which you should care and love for. Don't let your mind bully your body. Nowadays, people make it feel like it's a shame to be fat and that if you're not a size 0, you shouldn't show your body. F* them!!! Show your body, love your body, embrace your body no matter what size you are. Your body loves YOU, so love it back #CelebrateMySize #LoveYourBody #EmbraceYourCurves photo by @rachelkeijzerphotography

Допис, поширений JoJo (@joannvdherik)

У такої красуні є і бойфренд. Хлопець на ім'я Робін обожнює майбутню зіркову модель.

Схоже, що в кузини сестер Хадід є всі шанси стати пишнотілою моделлю №1 в світі!

Soooo you probably noticed that I never EVER smile in my pictures. Well maybe like 1 out of 100 pictures hahaha But it's because I don't like it when I see myself smiling in pictures, I always feel like it's really forced and fake and that you can't feel the emotion, which is something I think is really important when you're modeling. And I hate that my smile shows a lot of gums, and I hate my teeth and I could go on with 1000 reasons why I hate it, but just because this is an insecurity of mine, doesn't mean I shouldn't overcome it. I should embrace my smile and maybe work a little on it so that I can learn to like it! Every insecurity can be beaten, you just have to be open for change and acceptance I know it's hard, because as you can see, there are so many things that I'm still insecure about. The media shows all these perfect girls and perfect body's and perfect smiles, and it's hard when you look nothing like that. But remember that these photos are edited. Society's "ideal" of beauty isn't realistic. You are so beautiful, I can't tell you guys enough. Rock your body, rock your smile. And don't let other people get you down! #RoadToLovingYourself #EmbraceYourself #Smile photos by @honestlyshirley

Допис, поширений JoJo (@joannvdherik)

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