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Дівчина прославилася в мережі інтимними фото з незнайомцями

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За словами мешканки Данії, вона хотіла показати людям щось дійсно цікаве. Вона також заявила, що втомилася від "вилизаних фото і постів".

Мешканка Данії Марі Хільд, яка є фотографом, створила власний проект під назвою Lifeconstruction. Вона зробила інтимні знімки протягом 30 хвилин після знайомства з залицяльниками з Tinder.

І ще: Дівчина вислала фото незнайомцю і стала зіркою мережі

За словами дівчини, вона втомилася від "вилизаних фото і постів" і захотіла показати людям щось по-справжньому цікаве.

24-річна датчанка розповіла, що заради проекту вона шукає чоловіків і жінок на Tinder, після чого фотографується з ними в перші півгодини знайомства. На знімках пара імітує інтимні стосунки.

Я думаю, нам сьогодні не вистачає спілкування в реальному світі. Як я бачу, ситуація тільки погіршується, і в цьому винні соціальні мережі, – заявила Хільд.

Дівчина також зізналася, що в деяких випадках учасники проекту "ламали її власні межі дозволеного", завдяки чому вона змогла краще пізнати себе.

A little sneak peak of my meeting with Asger This particular meeting is very special to me. It contains ignition of the lifeconstruction-rocket! Asger was the very first stumble-fumble-laugh meeting I had among 12 others. He lived on the top floor in this charming, light-filled apartment. I remember opening the first door which led me to a dark hall decorated with colored lamps - such a quirky, charming place! He opened the door in the end of the hall and smiled at me. Even though I had this idea of me being the one in charge, he was actually the one calming me. I've got this scene in my head of him and me standing in front of each other shortly after greeting. We're counting down to a stripdown which we immediately agreed on doing to break the ice with manners - laughing while textile-tossing like crazy. We spent 1-2 minutes giggling like two schoolgirls and then quickly fell into the whole relationship scene. "God damn it, didn't I tell you to turn around the toilet paper roll?! you're making me so fucking old and bitter" "shut up! You're tiering me with all your negative shit.. I can't stand you!" we yelled across the apartment while I peed with an open door and he brought me some water. It was hilarious. I felt so alive. Thank you for being my first. #pretend #intimacy #love #vibes #tinder #piano #playing #leg #project #cuddles #photographer #photoshoot #shooting #photooftheday #tinder #couple #happy #laughing #excited #strangers #unknown #vice #broadlydk #bed #kissing

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A little sneak peak behind the scenes of my meeting with Katharina she came all the way from Australia and worked as an au pair in this big, charming house in northern Sjælland. Apparently she didn't mind opening up the doors to this wierdo with a camera, struggeling to find the right house. Me. I actually was having a off day. I was tired and my skin looked like bubblewrap paper. I was sitting all critical, looking at myself in the rearwiev mirror, trying to formulate a text with a cancellation, but was hit by a sudden stubbornness - hell fucking no. This insecurity and vulnerability of mine is exactly why I shouldn't cancel. I now felt like proving to myself that I was in control of my life - not the selfdestructive thoughts of mine. And so I muted my thoughts and went to meet Katharina - and ofcourse. She was wonderful. I thanked myself meanwhile shoot for not cancelling and for allowing myself to be in whatever mood i was in. Just as i closed the door to the big house, I realized that this was just what I had needed. The vibrations of my energy level had completely turned around - just by having a fleeting, sincere, intimate connection with another human being this is officially the last pictures and story I have to tell from my Lifeconstruction series - I'm so grateful for all the kindness and curiousity about this project. And don't worry - I'm already going full force on a new one - and there will be new strangers to come and new stories to tell! Just in another form. Stay tuned, loved ones! #pretend #intimacy #love #vibes #tinder #piano #playing #leg #cuddles #photographer #photoshoot #shooting #photooftheday #tinder #couple #happy #laughing #excited #strangers #unknown #vice #broadlydk

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A little sneak peak behind the scenes of my meeting with Thor I'm still laughing about this meeting. Especially because he eagerly gave me a whole plant in a pot. I just got a plant. I waved goodbye with one hand and held the plant in the other. I brought it home. I got his plant now. He was from germany and had this piercing accent that I loved so very much. Besides from the plant I got some chocolate and the pleasure of some Khurangbin playing in the background - 5/5 Stars for the corny setup I couldn't help but laugh nervously about. If he hadn't radiated the kindness he then did, I would definitely have had an eye on the closest door! But instead I used the cornyness to fall into the roleplaying ‍‍I have this picture in my head of me, in many years from now, looking at my window sill and being met by this wildly grown plant having this amazing story to tell #pretend #intimacy #love #vibes #tinder #piano #playing #leg #cuddles #photographer #photoshoot #shooting #photooftheday #tinder #couple #happy #laughing #excited #strangers #unknown #vice #broadlydk #bed #kissing

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A little sneak peak behind the scenes of my meeting with Kalle i remember sitting in my car, not being in the mood for another highalert-meeting. I therefore decided that this one was going to be a "quickie" which explains the timestamp being 10 min . I hugged Kalle, got a banana (Kalle the thoughtful man) and searched the room for a scene to act it out in - and ofcourse, there it was - the shower. How could we do anything else than the shower? Look at that lightning! We looked at each other while smiling and counting down:" 3, 2, 1" - and then we stripped down, laughing. To my big surprise the bathing scene felt pretty natural (for a moment) - I blame the combination of the calmness of a damp shower and the bearhug of his the bathing scene completely kicked me out of my no-highalert-mood and brought us to the window sill to end the meeting in a way that felt worthy. I asked Kalle to feel my pulse, sitting there - it was still running wild from the bathingscene #pretend #intimacy #love #vibes #tinder #pulse #bathing #shower #couple #happy #laughing #excited #strangers #unknown #vice #broadlydk

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A little sneak peak behind the scenes of my meeting with Julia It's a bit hard for me to explain the actual heartfelt calmness of this meeting. 10 minutes into what was expected to be a nervewrecking time, we sat on her couch, fearlessly talking about big, crazy feelings like love and heartaches. We moved into the bed where the chosen picture was taken. I had no living chance to predict, that I should have whispered:"lord, have mercy on my soul" before that bed-scene. Oh the amount of cigarette burns! It was a pure ember-war where she repeatedly burnt me, I repeatedly yelled "AW, FUCK!", she repeatedly apologized and we repeatedly laughed. The thought of that tragic comic scene still makes me smile! She was this liquid combination of an old but wild soul - calming me but also awakening my inner wildchild #intimacy #love #vibes #tinder #smile #cuddles #looking #couple #happy #laughing #excited #strangers #unknown #vice #broadlydk

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