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The Colour Of Love

The Colour Of Love - D-Code

the feeling is gone
and just the shadow still remains
I'm living in love
to know I've made the breaking change
playing tricks in my mind
the way it keeps my heart in pain
take a good look inside
tell me what you see
what's the color of love
what's the color the love you see
the love between you and me
don't tell me that it's gone to say
what's the color of love
what's the color of your love for me
the color of love
I'm breaking inside
ain't nothing but you inside my mind
the promise you made
I know it never will come true
where did I go wrong
did I push your love away from me
it seems like you know
you're slipping away
only in dreams it seems to real
I feel your body close to me
but when read out to touch your hand
you are gone