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Reminiscent Life
Archetypes Collide

Reminiscent Life - Archetypes Collide

Couldn't wait to live out dreams
Speed up the clock, set me free
Now there's this weight and it haunts me
I’m longing for those days where I could breathe
Caught up living outside of the moment
Lost sight of who I'm becoming
Reaching for better days
Reminiscent life I can't let go
Feels like my hands are tied
To a life long ago Reminiscent life
Free me from your hold
I know this place is not my home
Held captive by thoughts in my head
Wishing I could find myself again
The innocence, the ambitious soul,
The child that never cared to second guess tomorrow
This is not my home I know I don't belong
Can someone free me from this place
No this is not my home I know
I don't belong Can someone be my saving grace