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I Saw My Coming Day
Віктор Павлік


I Saw My Coming Day - Віктор Павлік

I've lost the way, in my life's forest
I'm liding by the tracks of yesterday
The drops of morning dew like memory and sadness
I’ve fallen through my past, at still a live but breathless,
I saw my coming day

My voice is blending into bird song
Dream flower still not, blossom out
Like rider without steel
I'm holding useless saddle
Like hope of wasted years , burning like a candle.
The candle’s dying out

Useless waves of my desire, for staying here till I want
Useless wall of pain, makes me burn in fire
In fire of my shame, don't wanna be a liar
The wrong way is to long.

I've lost the way in my own dreaming
I tried to catch the wind, to be free
To see one day of life , on wings with eyes of eagle
To feel one moment , of freedom without evil.

I’ll find the next day’s key.