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Simple Me


Simple Me - Gouache

If heart is queer,
Weird hurricane
Howling «Who you are?»
It makes you fear
One day it will fall apart-
And no heart!
The subtle fashion,
The freaking show
I made of my old pain
I've got to stop and return one day
To simple me again

I hope that one day
(I'll) make up smooth
Soul anatomy
And feel free to say,
Cheer the truth
Of being real me

God only knows
How I (do) long for
Some kind of dazzling rain,
Washing away
All the crap (bluff,buzz) and old gore
From simple me again

For knotty puzzle / Eternal puzzle
Of Love and Sence I'll / Of love and Sence will
Never be too smart / Always be that hard
So who would bother’To clear up so bizzare
Puzzled heart
My dreams and passion / My funny passion
Daily cause
The battle in my brain
I've gotta win and forever stay
Just simple me again

I wanna one day
Feel the snow
Melting on my lips
And holtly I pray,
That heart wil show
The real me i miss